Streamlining Internal Workflows in Salesforce

Financial institutions have a lot of important processes that rely on streamlined workflows. When Ameris Bank needed a workflow automation solution for two key Salesforce processes, leaders turned to Forms for Salesforce.

To keep operations—such as loan origination, help desk management, and employee administration—running smoothly, Ameris Bank uses Salesforce. When the bank needed an online form builder with a seamless Salesforce integration, leaders adopted Formstack’s native Salesforce tool.


Salesforce can be an overwhelming system. To keep internal workflows running efficiently, Ameris Bank sought a data collection solution that didn’t require employees to log into Salesforce. The solution needed to collect data and easily pass it into Salesforce to create or update Salesforce records.

The bank hoped to find a solution for two specific workflow challenges:

  1. Internal help desk feedback. The goal was for employees to submit a help desk opinion survey upon completion of an issue, such as a broken laptop, so leaders could better gauge help desk performance.
  2. Account referrals. The bank was using a basic form system that required some manual data entry to get referral information into Salesforce, but leadership wanted a more efficient way to manage the process.


An Ameris Bank employee came across Formstack on the Salesforce AppExchange and first implemented it for the internal help desk survey. Now, after the IT department addresses an employee’s help ticket, the employee receives an email with a link to the Formstack survey. To populate Salesforce with the necessary submission details, the survey URL includes hidden information. For instance, the user’s record ID is brought in and plugged into a Salesforce lookup field so the original ticket requester can be identified without the employee logging into Salesforce. Additionally, the survey submission data goes into a custom object in Salesforce called "Survey."

For the referral form use case, the existing form was replaced with a new, more dynamic Formstack form. With the new form, referring employees choose a type of referral to kickstart the Salesforce workflow. Submission of the Formstack form automatically creates a referral record in Salesforce, which simultaneously creates one of the following:

  1. A new lead assigned to a department's queue
  2. An opportunity for an existing account (Note: For this to occur, referring employees must include the CIF or TaxID of an existing account on the referral form.)

Additionally, a handful of fields on the Formstack referral form are mapped to Salesforce so that the submission information is automatically brought into Salesforce for easy referral tracking.


In the case of the help desk survey, Ameris now has much better insight on the performance of the system. Over 500 surveys have been submitted thus far, which is more than bank leaders would expect if users had to log into Salesforce to complete the survey.

The referral form is doing its job of keeping referring employees updated on the status of their referrals. Ameris gets an average of five referrals per day, so having a seamless process that doesn’t require manual data entry saves a lot of time.

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Optimized Salesforce

Created Salesforce records without logging into Salesforce

Sped up process

Allowed for faster processing of five account referrals per day

Improved data analysis

Processed over 500 employee surveys to improve internal help desk system

Automated internal workflows

Eliminated manual data entry steps and automated processes from beginning to end

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